[PATCH] msm: watchdog: support watchdog on 8x60 and 8960

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Thu Apr 28 13:19:10 EDT 2011

> > It doesn't sound too different that all the other watchdogs in
> > drivers/watchdog/ .. Your just detecting lockups right?
> There are some watchdogs in there such as 
> drivers/watchdog/at91sam9_wdt.c that can't be stopped once enabled so 
> the driver sets up a soft timer in the kernel that kicks the watchdog to 
> prevent the system rebooting.
> With this approach you could have the watchdog always enabled and being 
> kicked even if the userspace daemon wasn't running, but with the 
> flexibility of kicking it from userspace if you wanted.

sounds like a way to do it.

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