[PATCH v4 01/11] mfd: add pruss mfd driver.

Subhasish Ghosh subhasish at mistralsolutions.com
Wed Apr 27 09:38:03 EDT 2011

PRU's resulting in improved load sharing.
>> Signed-off-by: Subhasish Ghosh <subhasish at mistralsolutions.com>
> Hi Subhasish,
> This looks like great progress since the last time I looked at the
> pruss mfd driver, good work there!
> Thanks to your explanations and the documentation link, I now have
> a better understanding of what is actually going on here, but I'd
> still like to understandhow the decision is made regarding what programs
> are loaded into each PRU and how the MFD cells are set up.

> Is this a fixed setting for each board that strictly depends on how
> the external pins are connected, or is it possible to use the same
> hardware for different purposes based on the program?

SG  -- The PRU pins are exposed as is on the main board,
            we have separate add on daughter cards
            specific to the protocol implemented on it.

> If I read your code correctly, you hardwire the usage of the two
> PRUs in the da850 board code, which makes it impossible to use
> them in different ways even if the hardware supports it. If this is
> indeed the case, using an MFD device might not be the best option
> and we should try to come up with a way to dynamically repurpose
> the PRU with some user interface.

SG -- It depends upon how the firmware is implemented. If another
            firmware is downloaded on it, it will emulate another device.
            Also, if a firmware emulated on it supports switching between 
            that too is possible. Its just a microcontroller, we can do 
whatever we feel like
            with it. Both the PRUs have separate instruction/data ram, so 
both can be used
            to implement two different devices.

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