[PATCH v4 03/11] da850: pruss platform specific additions.

Subhasish Ghosh subhasish at mistralsolutions.com
Wed Apr 27 02:43:12 EDT 2011

>>   #include<mach/edma.h>
>> @@ -73,6 +75,7 @@ extern unsigned int da850_max_speed;
>>   #define DA8XX_DDR2_CTL_BASE 0xb0000000
>>   #define DA8XX_ARM_RAM_BASE 0xffff0000
>>   #define DA8XX_SHARED_RAM_BASE 0x80000000
>> +#define DA8XX_PRUSS_MEM_BASE 0x01C30000
>    Keep the list sorted please. Also, this macro doesn't seem used outside 
> devices-da8xx.c, so should be moved there...

SG - But would it not be better to have all device addresses at the same 

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