External serial 8250/16550

Andrew Victor avictor.za at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 12:39:01 EDT 2011

hi Paulo,

> I was called for help to add a external serial using a board based on
> at91sam9g45,

>        at91_sys_write(AT91_SMC_CSR(1),
>                                  AT91_SMC_ACSS_STD
>                                | AT91_SMC_DBW_8
>                                | AT91_SMC_BAT
>                                | AT91_SMC_WSEN
>                                | AT91_SMC_NWS_(32)     /* wait states */
>                                | AT91_SMC_RWSETUP_(6)  /* setup time */
>                                | AT91_SMC_RWHOLD_(4)   /* hold time */
>        );

Those AT91_SMC  registers and bits only exist on the AT91RM9200,
whereas you're using a SAM9-based processor.

You should be configuring the memory controller by:
  #include <mach/at91sam9_smc.h>
  #include "sam9_smc.h"

and declaring a "struct sam9_smc_config" with all the setting &
timings, and then calling:
   sam9_smc_configure(CHIP_SELECT_NUMBER, &your_smc_config_struct);

> But doesn't work, how to map correctly external serial port?

If you specify UPF_IOREMAP in the "struct plat_serial8250_port" flags,
the serial-driver will automatically map the IO region for you.

> Is there any sample code for external uart using linux-2.6.36 and arm
> AT91SAM9?

Not for a SAM9-based board.  But for an AT91RM9200 example, look at
board-tms.c in the AT91 patches on http://maxim.org.za/at91_26.html .
SAM9 should be the same, except for the SMC memory-controller
configuration (as described above).

  Andrew Victor

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