[rtc-linux] Re: [PATCH V4 resend] rtc: Adding support for spear rtc

viresh kumar viresh.kumar at st.com
Mon Apr 25 07:21:15 EDT 2011

On 04/25/2011 04:41 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 04:29:25PM +0530, viresh kumar wrote:
>> > We have been waiting for response from rtc's mailing list from a very long time,
>> > but didn't got any feedback till date.
>> > As this driver is specific to SPEAr, can we get this added through arm's tree??
> Generally Andrew Morton ends up taking RTC patches - you should probably
> resend with a copy to him.

Thanks Mark,

I also got this impression after looking in git log for rtc-patches, but
wasn't sure. But now i am.


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