[PATCH 2/7] ARM: Samsung: update/rewrite Samsung SYSMMU (IOMMU) driver

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Apr 19 11:37:30 EDT 2011

On Tuesday 19 April 2011, Roedel, Joerg wrote:
> > Getting back to our video codec - it has 2 IOMMU controllers. The codec
> > hardware is able to address only 256MiB of space. Do you have an idea how
> > this can be handled with dma-mapping API? The only idea that comes to my
> > mind is to provide a second, fake 'struct device' and use it for allocations
> > for the second IOMMU controller.
> The GPU IOMMUs can probably be handled in the GPU driver if they are
> that different. Recent PCIe GPUs on x86 have their own IOMMUs too which
> are very device specific and are handled in the device driver.

I tend to disagree with this one, and would suggest that the GPUs should
actually provide their own iommu_ops, even if they are the only users
of these.

However, this is a minor point that we don't need to worry about today.

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