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Hello everyone,

Anyway, I've got a quick question about the directory structure in arch/arm/*

Is there any reason not to keep mach-* in plat-* directories while
mach-* appears to be a "sub-categories" of plat-*?

For example, rather than the current structure:
, why don't we structure them like:

For mach-* that is not included in and does not use any plat-*, we may
make "arch/arm/plat-common" or just put them at arch/arm/.

Probably there could be discussions like this (likely), but I just
don't know why we are not structured like that. If it is because we
have some mach-* that use multiple plat-*, (multiple inheritance?) we
may be able to move on with this consolidation.


- MyungJoo

2011/4/19 Kyungmin Park <kmpark at>:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Kukjin Kim < at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I think, you know about current situation of Linux ARM world.
>> So...
>> As Russell suggested, I also will focus on consolidations and bug fixes for
>> Samsung stuff for a while so don't complain about missing new stuff. In my
>> opinion, we can keep going it later...
>> As a note, I'm doing(or preparing) following at the moment.
>> - Removing some "mach-s5pxxxx"s
> Why not mach-s3c series? don't you think too much plat-{s3c, s5p,
> samsung}? how about to use the plat-samsung only?
>> - Removing useless header files in include/{mach,plat} of Samsung
>> - Samsung GPIO stuff cleanup/consolidation
>> - Samsung DMA stuff consolidation?
>   -> Move to dmaengine and use it.
>> - Device tree (with Linaro)
>> - and so on...
>   - Strange Samsung Clock and names consolidation.
>   - IRQ stuff (some parts are done by tglx but need to use the
> generic IRQ base instead of odd +32 magic)
>   - generic IOMMU consolidation.
> BTW, who works on this at LSI?
> Thank you,
> Kyungmin Park
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