[PATCH 03/10] clk: Make NULL a valid clock again

Jeremy Kerr jeremy.kerr at canonical.com
Mon Apr 18 20:53:40 EDT 2011

Hi Sascha,

> NULL used to be a valid clock. This patch makes the common struct
> clk stuff work with this. Instead of crashing we return sane default
> values for this dummy clock, that is: can always be prepared, enabled,
> rate unkown and no set rate.

Although I'm not totally averse to this change, I've been trying to
avoid allowing NULL clocks - it seems to be a little 'messy' to allows
clocks that don't have any possible operations on them, and could hide
error cases where clock pointers have not been correctly initialised.

However, I understand that this may be required for flexibility between
machines, and in that case would make sense. Is that what you're
intending this for?



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