[RFC][PATCH] bcmai: introduce AI driver

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 19:20:17 EDT 2011

W dniu 6 kwietnia 2011 23:18 użytkownik George Kashperko
<george at znau.edu.ua> napisał:
>> We have 2 windows. I didn't try this, but let's assume they have no
>> limitations. We can use first window for one driver only, second
>> driver for second driver only. That gives us 2 drivers simultaneously
>> working drivers. No driver need to reset core really often (and not
>> inside interrupt context) so we will switch driver's window to agent
>> (from core) only at init/reset.
>> The question is what amount of driver we will need to support at the same time.
> I guess (correct me please, Broadcom guys if I'm wrong) there are two
> functions two-head w11 pci host and therefore 4 sliding windows, 2 per
> each function.

I don't understand you. Can you use more friendly language? functions?
2head? w11?


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