[PATCH v3] power: introduce library for device-specific OPPs

Kevin Hilman khilman at deeprootsystems.com
Thu Sep 23 10:39:33 EDT 2010

Nishanth Menon <nm at ti.com> writes:

> Rafael J. Wysocki had written, on 09/22/2010 07:03 PM, the following:
>> [Trimming the CC list slightly.]
> [...]
>> ...
>> First, thanks for addressing the previous comments, things look much better
>> now.  In particular the documentation has been improved a lot in my view.
> Thanks for the excellent reviews :)
> [...]
>>> +
>>> +WARNING on OPP List Modification Vs Query operations:
>>> +----------------------------------------------------
>>> +The OPP layer's query functions are expected to be used in multiple contexts
>>> +(including calls from interrupt locked context) based on SoC framework
>>> +implementation. Only OPP modification functions are guaranteed exclusivity by
>>> +the OPP library. Exclusivity between query functions and modification functions
>>> +should be handled by the users such as the SoC framework appropriately; else,
>>> +there is a risk for the query functions to retrieve stale data.
>> Well, this sounds like a good use case for RCU.
> Kevin did point out rwlock but am I confusing with
> http://lwn.net/Articles/364583/
> If I get the message right, rwlock is more or less on it's way out?

RCU is different from the reader-writer locks that are on their way out.

Let's think about RCU a little more and see if it might be worth using.

As these APIs are infrequencly accessed, I'm thinking a single spinlock
to protect the whole list from concurrent access/modification is


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