[PATCH 27/74] ST SPEAr : NAND interface driver for spear platforms

Armando Visconti armando.visconti at st.com
Thu Sep 2 04:52:28 EDT 2010

>> Alessandro can judge on this, but I have a feeling that driver
>> should be replaced by this, more mature driver.
> Maybe.
> But I suspect that may be few differences in the ECC accelerator 
> inside, in fact.
> In our FSMC previous case it was a Hamming accelerator, and I think 
> this apply
> also for nomadik (maybe). In our sp1300 case it is a BCH with 104 
> bytes of ECC.
> This is one of the options when generating the h/w block, so FSMCs may 
> differ.
> If we want to re-use same driver I guess we might change something and 
> accept
> few parameters from the platform.
> Vipin can for sure comment more on this.....
Mmmh .... it seems that the driver already handles the different types 
of h/w ecc.
And in fact it works for our new and old SPEAr platform at the same

So, probably, it would work for Nomadik also...

> Rgds,
> Arm

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