[PATCH 5/7] omap:mailbox-resolve multiple receiver problem

Hari Kanigeri hari.kanigeri at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 08:10:11 EDT 2010


>> OMAP4 shares one interrupt line for all the mailbox instances.
>> The ISR is handling only the mailbox instance that was registered last.
> This shouldn't be needed, request_irq is being called with IRQF_SHARED flag
> and different device ids, so if a message arrives it fires an interrupt
> handler for each of the callers to request_irq and since the device id is
> actually a pointer to a mbox struct, the different users can be detected and
> signaled without looping through the "mboxes" list.
> Also using "mboxes" list, will try to check for all registered mailboxes
> during probe, which might not be the same as the actual users (the ones that
> have called omap_mbox_get) and then unnecesary check their irq statuses if
> an interrupt arrives.
> I think this patch can be dropped.

Agree, I will drop the patch and send the rebased patches.

Thank you,
Best regards,

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