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Fri Oct 29 06:58:11 EDT 2010

Hi Brian,

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:22:47PM +0200, Brian Murphy wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a problem with the boot decompression code when the inflate
> method is used on arm.
> In fact two. The second of which is also a problem on all architectures.
> The first, and more serious, is that static local variables seem not
> to be supported, this means that
> some tables initialized as static locals point to a place in ram where
> the tables are not.
> The function
> static void zlib_fixedtables(struct inflate_state *state)
> includes inffixed.h which contains two static tables and
> int zlib_inflate(z_streamp strm, int flush)
> contains a static local "order". The second seems not to have much
> influence on decompression
> but the first causes images (at least of a certain size) to fail
> decompression. Somtimes this failure
> is detectable in decompression and an error results, sometimes it is
> not and the kernel just fails to
> start.
I thought we fixed this to generate a compiler error when a local
initialized variable is used?  Which kernel version are you using?

> The "new" decompress_inflate.c routines do not check the checksum or
> image length fields encoded
> in the gzipped image, even though they would have detected this error.
> It may be that in some cases
> even though the kernel is not properly decompressed that it can boot
> and random unexplained errors
> can occur later because of the decompression failure.
> Moving the local static initialization to a file local static enables
> the routines to work, i.e. moving the
> static declarations out of the functions.
> I am not sure how local statics work on arm but I am guessing that the
> problem is to do with relocations
> not being processed for the boot decompression code.
> The second problem is with the output length declaration in gunzip in
> decompress_inflate.c.
> out_len = 0x7fffffff; /* no limit */
> When the buffer start pointer is over 0x80000000 the computation of
> the end pointer in inffast.c
> wraps around and end ends up before out(the start pointer) causing the
> main loop in
> void inflate_fast(z_streamp strm, unsigned start)
> to exit after one byte is processed at the very least causing
> unnecessary overhead. The computation
> end = out + (strm->avail_out - 257);
> should check for overflow and be set to 0xffffffff when wrap would
> occur. This must also be a problem(feature?)
> for other architectures. It has probably not been fixed because the
> decompression still works but is slower.
> I am willing to make a patch for the second issue.
> The right fix for the first issue is probably to fixup the references
> to static locals in the boot decompress code
> the easy fix is of course to remove all local static variables but
> when this is general code, also used in the
> kernel, it is probably not a acceptable fix? Perhaps with some ifdef
> stuff? If this fix is acceptable I can also generate
> a patch for that problem.
> /Brian

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