[PATCH 0/8] staging: tidspbridge - misc fixes

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at nokia.com
Tue Oct 26 10:43:34 EDT 2010

gregkh at suse.de wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 07:51:38PM -0500, Fernando Guzman Lugo wrote:
> > This set of patches fix some issues found in lastest tree.
> > 
> > Fernando Guzman Lugo (8):
> >   staging: tidspbridge - remove req_addr from proc_map
> >   staging: tidspbridge - add kconfig parameter for DMM size
> >   staging: tidspbridge - change mmufault tasklet to a workqueue
> >   staging: tidspbridge - fix timeout in dsp_gpt_wait_overflow
> >   staging: tidspbridge - use GTP7 for DSP stack dump
> >   staging: tidspbridge - remove disabling twl when printing DSP stack
> >   staging: tidspbridge - fix some issues after iommu patches
> >   staging: tidspbridge - make sync_wait_on_event interruptible
> Are any of these really applicable for .37 after .37-rc1?  Or can they
> wait for .38?

As of right now the dspbridge doesn't work, and there's a mess of
dependencies to get it working.

 - omap iommu: linux-omap pull request has already been sent, and
   there's no target when the omap iommu pull request will be sent...
   right Hiroshi?
 - linux-arm: some patches are needed, and it's not clear if they'll
   make it to .37-rc1, or .37 at all.

So, no, I don't think these patches should considered as of right now.

In fact, these affect mostly iommu, and I think until those other
dependencies are resolved, we should revert back to a previous point
where the driver was actually working.

What is guideline in staging when a driver is broken like this?


Felipe Contreras

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