[PATCH 1/3] drivers: misc: add omap_hwspinlock driver

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Oct 19 13:21:20 EDT 2010

On Monday 18 October 2010 09:44:33 Ohad Ben-Cohen wrote:
> +  int omap_hwspin_lock(struct omap_hwspinlock *hwlock, unsigned long *flags);
> ...
> +     The flags parameter is a pointer to where the interrupts state of the
> +     caller will be saved at.

This seems to encourage sloppy coding: The only variant you allow is the one
that corresponds to Linux's spin_lock_irqsave(), which is generally discouraged
in all places where you know if you need to disable interrupts or not.

IMHO the default should be a version that only allows locks that don't get
taken at IRQ time and consequently don't require saving the interrupt flags.


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