[PATCH] serial: DCC(JTAG) serial and console emulation support

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Oct 13 11:21:39 EDT 2010

On Tuesday 05 October 2010, Daniel Walker wrote:
> Many of JTAG debuggers for ARM support DCC protocol over JTAG
> connection, which is very useful to debug hardwares which has no
> serial port. This patch adds DCC serial emulation and the console
> support. System timer based polling method is used for the
> emulation of serial input interrupt handling.
> Most of the code was taken from Hyok S. Choi original work, but the
> inline assmebly needed some work and updating. It now supports ARMv7.
> Also the description above is from Hyok also.

Sorry to join in late, but why would you want to make this a "serial"
driver when it really is just a dumb tty.

I think you would be much better off making it a "hvc" driver, where
you just need to provide a read character and write character function
and an optional interrupt handler but otherwise have the common hvc
code take care of polling the hardware and talking to the tty layer.


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