[PATCH v3] imx-esdhc: update devices registration

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Tue Oct 12 11:16:31 EDT 2010

Hi Uwe,

Le 12/10/2010 17:08, Uwe Kleine-König a écrit :
>> +#define MX25_MMC_SDHC1_BASE_ADDR	0x53fb4000
>> +#define MX25_MMC_SDHC2_BASE_ADDR	0x53fb8000
> I wonder about the name in the reference manual.  Is it really MMC_SDHC
> for all socs?  I always wonder what it the best here (if they are named
> inconsitently there), have it equal over all SoCs or have it match the
> respective reference manual?!
reference manual, section Memory Map :
i.MX25 : eSDHC-x
i.MX35 : eSDHCv2-x
i.MX51 : ESDHC x

so the manual are not consistent ... "MMC_SDHC" seems easy to understand 
but of course we can have ESDHC, or SDHC or something else if you have a 
better name to suggest.


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