[PATCH v2 01/10] OMAP: mach-omap2: Fix incorrect assignment warnings

G, Manjunath Kondaiah manjugk at ti.com
Sun Oct 10 23:51:13 EDT 2010


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> From: Kevin Hilman [mailto:khilman at deeprootsystems.com] 
> Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2010 1:43 AM
> To: G, Manjunath Kondaiah
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 01/10] OMAP: mach-omap2: Fix incorrect 
> assignment warnings
> "G, Manjunath Kondaiah" <manjugk at ti.com> writes:
> > This patch fixes below sparse warnings for incorrect assignments.
> As pointed out by Jean, this patch fixed some sparse 
> warnings, but also broke some things, specifically off mode.
> In the future, *please* be sure to test the code paths that 
> are being changed.  This patch changed some code that is only 
> exercised during off-mode, but was clearly not tested with 
> off mode enabled.
> As background for why this broke functionality, keep this in mind:
>  	void *a = NULL;
> 	u32 *b = NULL;
> a + 1 = 1
> b + 1 = 4
> IOW, you cannot simply replace a 'u32 *' by a 'void *' 
> without checking and fixing any pointer arithmetic.

I apologize for breaking off mode support. Since sparse fixes is big patch
series, I was able to test only boot and same was mentioned along with
the test report in the series. Also, multiple versions of patches posted
for review, I was expecting comments on this type of regressions.

I will take care of testing code coverage paths for future patches.

Thanks to Jean and Kevin for identifying and fixing this regression.


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