[PATCH v4 0/4] Add support for camera capture in s5p-fimc driver

Sylwester Nawrocki s.nawrocki at samsung.com
Fri Oct 8 04:50:32 EDT 2010

Hi all,

here is a fourth version of patches adding camera capture capability
to the s5p-fimc driver. It contains minor changes to adhere to patch
submitting rules. 

Changes since v1:
- entirely removed plat-samsung/include/plat/fimc.h header so there is no
  platform code dependency
- improved s/try_fmt ioctl and introduced common ioctl handlers for mem2mem 
  and capture node where it's reasonable
- register definition changes merged with previous commit   
  [3/8] v4l: s5p-fimc: Register definition cleanup

Changes since v2:
- improved s/g/crop(cap) handling in capture node
- added passing of v4l controls to the sensor subdevice

Changes since v3:
- changed summary of patch [4/4] to adhere to patch submitting guidelines
- patch "V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: M2M driver cleanup.." split to 2 separate
  commits - 2/5 and 3/5 in this series

The patch series contains:

[PATCH 1/5] V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: Register definition cleanup
[PATCH 2/5] V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: mem2mem driver refactoring and cleanup
[PATCH 3/5] V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: Fix 90/270 deg rotation errors
[PATCH 4/5] V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: Do not lock both capture and output buffer queue in s_fmt
[PATCH 5/5] V4L/DVB: s5p-fimc: Add camera capture support

It has been rebased onto linuxtv/staging-2.6.37 branch at
git://linuxtv.org/media_tree.git with 2 bugfix patches:

v4l: s5p-fimc: Fix 3-planar formats handling and pixel offset error on S5PV210 SoCs
v4l: s5p-fimc: Fix return value on probe() failure

also applied.


Sylwester Nawrocki
Linux Platform Group
Samsung Poland R&D Center

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