[alsa-devel] [PATCH 10/10] ASoC: SAMSUNG: Add Machine driver for S/PDIF PCM audio

Seungwhan Youn claude.youn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 21:33:50 EDT 2010

Dear Maintainers,

>> >> plat-samsung would probably be fine for that also - create a file called
>> >> common-smdk or something.  Some other things have gone for a plat-smdk
>> >> style approach too, though I'm not sure how tasteful I find that
>> >> personally.
>> > Even though I would personally like to have EPLL control for a device
>> > in machine specific manner as part of its driver, I accept your opinion.
>> >
>> > Claude, let us create one arch/arm/plat-samsung/smdk.c to do common
>> > stuff for SMKDs like EPLL control. What do you think ?
>> Actually if we add this file on plat-samsung, board-init will be
>> separated two-part, one is machine(board) specific and other is all
>> smdk specific. So, If it doesn't make confusion to other guys who
>> wants to add settings for their features on board-init, it looks good
>> to me. But I think that we also have to listen Mr. Ben Dooks and Mr.
>> Kukjin Kim's opinion about this before we get a conclusion.
> Hi all,
> I think, basically it'd better if could control clock stuff in each driver for it when need it such as clk_get, clk_enable and so on.
> Actually there is no policy/protection for EPLL usage in plat-samsung or plat-s5p now and need to sort out other similar case for it also....so in my opinion, right now to proceed with the current style is helpful to me and will consider it in the future.

I wander to know that this is a last discussion, or more, and also
know about finial decision. Of course, if we didn't get reached to the
conclusion, we can talk more.

Can you give me a hand to finish this? :-)

with Best Regards,

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