[PATCH 0/4] ARM: smp_twd: mpcore_wdt: Fix MPCORE watchdog setup

vkuzmichev at mvista.com vkuzmichev at mvista.com
Mon Oct 4 05:45:36 EDT 2010

From: Vitaly Kuzmichev <vkuzmichev at mvista.com>

The series of patches fixes various bugs in ARM MPCORE watchdog setup.
They also introduce some changes in common SMP_TWD timer setup code.
The PATCH 1/4 adds an exported function to obtain calibrated timer rate
in mpcore_wdt. However, this solution might be unacceptable, so we may
discuss another 2 variants:
 1) use clock framework
   This may require to fix all MPCORE boards clock implementations.
 2) copy calibration loop to mpcore_wdt
   However, this increases boot time.

Vitaly Kuzmichev (4):
  ARM: smp_twd: mpcore_wdt: Fix watchdog counter loading
  ARM: smp_twd: Fix typo in twd_timer_rate printout
  ARM: mpcore_wdt: Fix WDIOC_SETOPTIONS handling
  ARM: mpcore_wdt: Fix timer mode setup

 arch/arm/include/asm/smp_twd.h |    7 +++++++
 arch/arm/kernel/smp_twd.c      |    8 +++++++-
 drivers/watchdog/mpcore_wdt.c  |   29 +++++++++++++++++++++--------
 3 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)


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