[PATCH] Fix IGEPv2 second MMC channel power supply

Enric Balletbò i Serra eballetbo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 03:32:22 EST 2010


2010/11/14 Marc Zyngier <maz at misterjones.org>:
> On Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:11:46 +0100
> Enric Balletbò i Serra <eballetbo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Why we need to define an unexistent regulator in board file ? This
>> should not be done enabling the CONFIG_DUMMY_REGULATOR in your kernel
>> configuration  ?
> I'm not adding another regulator, but instead simply exposing the fact
> (or rather my guess) that the same regulator (vmmc1) is powering the
> two MMC channels. Not having access to the board schematics, I can't
> tell if that reflects the reality or not.
> But using CONFIG_DUMMY_REGULATOR seems the wrong idea to me, as it's
> just papering over the issue. We should be exposing what's really on
> the board (a fixed regulator if that's the case).

So the DUMMY_REGULATOR is only a workaround when a regulator is not
defined and shouldn't be used ? Sorry if this is a stupid question but
regulator interface is not too clear for me.

The reality is this :

 -------     --------
| 3V3 |   | 1V8 |
 -------    --------
    |          |
|   WIFI/BT  |
        | ( MMC2  at 1V8 )
|   OMAP   |

3V3 is a fixed regulator
1V8 is a fixed regulator (VIO from TWL4030)

So, which you think is the right solution ?


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