[RFC,PATCH 3/3] arm: remove machine_desc.io_pg_offst and .phys_io

Jeremy Kerr jeremy.kerr at canonical.com
Thu Jul 22 06:06:44 EDT 2010

Hi Russell,

> I think the last patch you posted is fine as-is.  Compiling out the
> setup code for the DEBUG_ICEDCC would be an optimization which could
> be done though...  If you think it's appropriate, please do so.

I think it might be cleaner in general - we might as well check for
DEBUG_ICEDCC at compile time.

> Meanwhile, I'm happy enough to merge this patch (or the optimized one)
> and the follow-on patch which kills off the initializers.

OK, I will send a tree inclusion request for linux-next.

> Out of interest, have the OMAP platforms been compile tested with this?

I've compiled all of the defconfigs with these changes (plus the earlier
fixups). I get these failures:

$ grep failed test-configs.log 
ap4evb_defconfig: failed
bcmring_defconfig: failed
g3evm_defconfig: failed
g4evm_defconfig: failed
mx1_defconfig: failed
n8x0_defconfig: failed
nuc910_defconfig: failed
nuc950_defconfig: failed
nuc960_defconfig: failed

All except mx1 fail due to there being no debug-macros.S, so these
wouldn't work with DEBUG_LL regardless. mx1 fails due to the IO_ADDRESS
macro issues.



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