ARM11 MPCore: Adding nop to __delay() doubles the BogoMIPS/lpj

Leif Lindholm leif.lindholm at
Fri Jan 29 07:17:18 EST 2010

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> On a 400MHz ARM11 MPCore system (NEC NaviEngine based) with kernel
> 2.6.32 we found that BogoMIPS/loops per jiffies ~doubles (see below
> [1]) by adding a nop to __delay():

The reason for this is that the ARM11 MPCore doesn't fold branch
instructions for busy-wait-style loops. Inserting the nop (or any other
non-branch instruction) removes the branch instruction from the
execution stream.

But as Catalin says, this makes no functional difference, even though it
might look "more impressive" :)


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