32-bit Thumb-2 breakpoints

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Mon Jan 11 18:10:27 EST 2010

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> In the example from my mail:
>    cmp   r0, r0
>    itt   eq
> A: cmpeq r0, r1
> B: moveq r0, r2
> C: nop
> The cmpeq can be an adcs.w, eors.w, et cetera.  We're at A, trying to
> figure out whether to put a breakpoint on B or C (both of which could
> validly be branches).
> It's possible I've missed something obvious, of course!

I couldn't really tell from a quick glance at the net, which only
half-explained itt, so I'll ask some newbie-sounding questions just in
case it is something obvious.

Isn't the itt sequence for Thumb-2 supposed to be consistent with the
condition sequence for ARM, so that it should be:

    cmp   r0, r0
    itt   eq
 A: cmpeq r0, r1
 B: movne r0, r2   <- that is, ne not eq, because it's the "then" branch
 C: nop

And does the cmp at A really affect execution of the instructions at B
and C in a Thumb-2 itt sequence, rather than the condition being
checked once at the time of the itt instruction and played out for the
following 3 instructions?

-- Jamie

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