race between kmap shootdown and cache maintenance

Gary King GKing at nvidia.com
Mon Feb 8 23:00:53 EST 2010

The patch is not a no-op; without this patch I was seeing panics in v7_flush_kern_dcache about 1 time in 3 boots, with it the crash has not reproduced in hundreds of boots.

However, from re-reading the highmem code, I think my original description of the cause of the crash was slightly mistaken:

Kmap zero-flushing is lazy (it happens on the subsequent call to kmap), and the page_address is not set to NULL until the lazy-flush happens. In this case, if page_address is called immediately following a kunmap call which resulted in the pin count dropping to 1, a valid address will be returned.

On SMP or PREEMPT kernels, kmap may be called in one context during cache maintenance on one of these pages in a different context, resulting in flush_all_zero_pkmaps invalidating the PTE (and TLB) of the pages that is actively undergoing maintenance.

- Gary

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On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, Gary King wrote:

> Fixed version attached.
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> On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 10:13:03AM -0800, Gary King wrote:
> > for highmem pages, flush_dcache_page must pin the kmap mapping in-place
> > using kmap_high_get, to ensure that the cache maintenance does not race
> > with another context calling kunmap_high on the same page and causing the
> > PTE to be zapped.

Is this actually possible?

Any flush_dcache_page() caller must have a reference count on the given 
highmem page since no one is supposed to play with a highmem page 
pointer without having called kmap() on it first.  Therefore any other 
context calling kunmap_high() is never expected to drop the kmap ref 
count to zero.

So unless proven otherwise I think this patch is useless.

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