SPI, DMA and an i.MX31

Magnus Lilja lilja.magnus at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 14:04:16 EDT 2009

Hi Rene,

Wolf, Rene, HRO-GP wrote:
> Hello Marc 
> Thanks for your fast reply! 
>> in the LTIB kernel sources, you'll find the sources for the freescale
>> SDMA API(s) Under linux-2.6.22/arch/arm/plat-mxc/sdma/. Using the
>> API is not complicated, you can look in sound/arm/mxc-alsa-pmic.c to
>> see an exemple, basically you allocate a channel (mxc_dma_request),
>> register a callback handler (mxc_dma_callback_set) and post requests
>> (mxc_dma_config).
> I did 'download' it (using the script provided by ltib and some manual
> labor) -> kernel
> At the moment I use 2.6.31 and I'm planning on keeping it that way :-)

Freescale has released a BSP for i.MX31 based on kernel 2.6.26. Don't
know how much it differs in the DMA areas but it might be good to
check it out and use that as well as a base for your work on i.MX31-DMA
in 2.6.31. (freescale.com/imx31 => Software & Tools => i.MX31PDK => Downloads)

>> this information is regarding as confidential
> [...]
>> One will have to sign NDA agreement with Freescale.
> I didn't get why they are doing it, but that might be the reason this
> api is not included in the mainline/denx kernel.

My guess is that it's probably best to use the DMA scripts that Freescale
released in their LTIB/BSP.

> Thanks again and I will have a closer look on porting that api :-)

It would be very nice to have i.MX31 DMA support in mainline, that would
perhaps also make it possible to have ALSA sound support for i.MX31.

Looking forward to testing this!

Regards, Magnus

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