SPI, DMA and an i.MX31

Wolf, Rene, HRO-GP rene.wolf at mbda-systems.de
Mon Sep 21 04:22:21 EDT 2009

Hello Marc 

Thanks for your fast reply! 

> in the LTIB kernel sources, you'll find the sources for the freescale
> SDMA API(s) Under linux-2.6.22/arch/arm/plat-mxc/sdma/. Using the
> API is not complicated, you can look in sound/arm/mxc-alsa-pmic.c to
> see an exemple, basically you allocate a channel (mxc_dma_request),
> register a callback handler (mxc_dma_callback_set) and post requests
> (mxc_dma_config).

I did 'download' it (using the script provided by ltib and some manual
labor) -> kernel
At the moment I use 2.6.31 and I'm planning on keeping it that way :-)
Do you think 'porting' that sdma-API would be difficult?

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