git an patches: Some questions

Christian Gagneraud cgagneraud at
Sat Oct 3 15:19:17 EDT 2009

Christian Gagneraud wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to have some advice on how to manage my git tree, patches 
> that I pick on this list (EP93XX related) and patches that I would like 
> to submit (TS-72XX related).
> First of all I would like to know what tools people are using, I've read 
> about stg [1][2] and it looks to me that it fits well my needs.
> Next, I'm would like to know the best strategy to track the latest 
> patches from linux-arm and at the same time work on my own patches.
> Should I create a branch, say ep93xx, that track linux tree and on which 
> i apply the EP93xx patches, and set up another branch, say ts72xx, that 
> track the ep93xx branch? Or should i use only one branch and use "stg 
> import" for patches I'm not the author and "stg new" for my own work.
> Using stg import/new looks interesting, but then if I want to submit my 
> patches by email, stg will send all the patch part of the series 
> including the one that I've imported but that's not what I'm looking for.
> Any help, advice or point-out appreciated.

Actually stg is really a great tool, very easy to use!
Their tutorial was of a great help to get up to speed quickly.


> Thanks,
> Chris
> [1]
> [2]
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