ARM GLX Khadas VIM Pro - Ethernet detected as only 10Mbps and stalled after some traffic

Andrew Lunn andrew at
Sun Jun 11 08:21:02 PDT 2017

> Thank your for the suggestion, and thanks Martin to explaining me over
> IRC what actually I should do.
> I recompiled mainline kernel 4.12-rc4 with the Amlogic driver:
> replaced drivers/net/phy/meson-gxl.c with
> But this did not solve the issue. As soon as i start git clone i lose
> network connection to device (no session timeout/disconnect this time,
> but I am unable to reconnect over SSH or to get OK ping replay back).

So this shows it is more than a PHY problem. The Ethernet MAC driver
is probably also part of the problem.

Are there any mainline kernels which work O.K?


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