[GIT PULL] Meson clock fixes for 4.13-rc4

Neil Armstrong narmstrong at baylibre.com
Tue Aug 1 05:11:38 PDT 2017

On 08/01/2017 03:38 AM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> On 07/31, Jerome Brunet wrote:
>> On Mon, 2017-07-31 at 13:20 -0700, Stephen Boyd wrote:
>>> On 07/31, Neil Armstrong wrote:
>>>> Hi Mike, Stephen,
>>>> Here is some fixes for Meson GXBB and Meson8 drivers, that could go for
>>>> 4.13-rc4.
>>> Are any of these critical fixes for regressions in the v4.13-rc
>>> series? All the Fixes tags look like they go back to before
>>> v4.13-rc1, so they don't look critical at first glance. If
>>> anything, they're mostly nice to have non-critical fixes? If so,
>>> can we defer these until the next merge window?
>> I agree that these fixes hardly qualify as critical, except maybe for the mpll
>> fix. The clock rate actually applied can be really off compared to what CCF will
>>  except to have set.
> Ok. So perhaps just the mpll fix would be appropriate then?
>> These fixes are quite simple and safe, it would be nice if we could avoid having
>>  the next version tagged with known issues.
> I agree they're simple and safe, but they're also not necessary
> to the release we're working on unless they're causing some
> problem with code that was introduced this merge window. We try
> to avoid merging non-critical fixes unless they're really causing
> someone some sort of problems. If they aren't, we can stick them
> into linux-next and wait until next release. Of course, they'll
> be backported to stable trees as well with the Fixes tag, so
> everything works out in the end.

OK, I'll resend a v2 PR with only the mpll fix.

The other will be pushed on our next/drivers branch.


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