AMLogic RTC series (second round)

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Tue Jun 28 03:19:47 PDT 2016

On 28/06/16 08:22, Neil Armstrong wrote:
> On 06/27/2016 06:44 PM, Ben Dooks wrote:
>> Apologies, forgot to put the RTC driver through checkpatch
>> before sending. This gets rid of most of the warnings.
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> Hi Ben,
> The patchset looks good but misses some quick introduction on how
> the RTC works, it seems to be connected to an internal serial bus,
> do you have some informations about this ?

I might add a few lines into the rtc-meson.c driver, but that's all
detailed in the datasheet (for once this seems to be documented enough
to be able to function)

> Then, the cover letter of your patchset should contain much more informations
> that "git format-patch --cover-letter" generates.

I may just re-submit once patch to add the RTC and the binding
documentation, and then wait until the reset controller bits have
landed before submitting the

> My personal workflow when I have a set ready is :
> * run checkpatch on C files and check my changes
> # scripts/ -f path/to/my/driver.c
> * I identify the number of patches to include
> * I generate the patches with cover-letter, signoff and eventually subject-prefix, here for 4 commits
> # git format-patch --cover-letter -s -4 --subject-prefix "PATCH v2" -o my_drivers_patches_v2
> * Then I complete the cover letter in my_drivers_patches_v2/0000-cover-letter
> * I also reference a small changelog between patchset version and identify the previous cover letter via it's message id
> Use the service to reference a message-id, i.e this email I answer would be referenced by :

I keep a copy of sent email anyway, so can get the message-ids out of it.

> while looking at the email headers at :
> Message-Id: <1467045849-495-1-git-send-email-ben.dooks at>
> * Then I look again all the patches and check all the descriptions
> * I re-run a on all the patches (and ignore errors on the cover letter)
> # scripts/ my_drivers_patches_v2/*
> * I identify all the maintainers and mailing lists
> # scripts/ my_drivers_patches_v2/*
> * Personally, I fill the CC: and To: in the headers of each patches, only adding the devicetree mailing list on DT related patches
> * Then I send them via git send-email
> # git send-email my_drivers_patches_v2/*
> => here you can also select the recipients
> => you can also do a dry run or send yourself the patchset to check before final sending

I got sparse and checkpatch confused, and only did sparse on the series.

Ben Dooks
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