AMLogic RTC series (second round)

Neil Armstrong narmstrong at
Tue Jun 28 00:22:11 PDT 2016

On 06/27/2016 06:44 PM, Ben Dooks wrote:
> Apologies, forgot to put the RTC driver through checkpatch
> before sending. This gets rid of most of the warnings.
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Hi Ben,

The patchset looks good but misses some quick introduction on how
the RTC works, it seems to be connected to an internal serial bus,
do you have some informations about this ?

Then, the cover letter of your patchset should contain much more informations
that "git format-patch --cover-letter" generates.

My personal workflow when I have a set ready is :

* run checkpatch on C files and check my changes
# scripts/ -f path/to/my/driver.c
* I identify the number of patches to include
* I generate the patches with cover-letter, signoff and eventually subject-prefix, here for 4 commits
# git format-patch --cover-letter -s -4 --subject-prefix "PATCH v2" -o my_drivers_patches_v2
* Then I complete the cover letter in my_drivers_patches_v2/0000-cover-letter
* I also reference a small changelog between patchset version and identify the previous cover letter via it's message id
Use the service to reference a message-id, i.e this email I answer would be referenced by :
while looking at the email headers at :
Message-Id: <1467045849-495-1-git-send-email-ben.dooks at>
* Then I look again all the patches and check all the descriptions
* I re-run a on all the patches (and ignore errors on the cover letter)
# scripts/ my_drivers_patches_v2/*
* I identify all the maintainers and mailing lists
# scripts/ my_drivers_patches_v2/*
* Personally, I fill the CC: and To: in the headers of each patches, only adding the devicetree mailing list on DT related patches
* Then I send them via git send-email
# git send-email my_drivers_patches_v2/*
=> here you can also select the recipients
=> you can also do a dry run or send yourself the patchset to check before final sending

Another rule is time, please wait at least 1 week after the last review before send another run,
and give yourself more time to check the integrity of the patchset.


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