CMD22(CMD_802_11_DATA_RATE)failure problem

Cliff Cai xcahua at
Thu Sep 4 06:00:55 EDT 2008

>> Yes,at last I found an AP without encryption,so I successfully associated with it.
>> Everything is good except the bad performance,any suggestion about how to improve it?
>>>> One more question,I want to know if there is available firmware support SDIO SPI mode now?
>>>> I saw a post said it was not support that time ,how about now?
>>> Various parts have had G-SPI support for a while but of course that
>>> requires the firmware which people need to get form Marvell. If you've
>>> got firmware and the necessary host interface, we could try to give it a
>>> shot. But I have to admin I'm not familiar with how the host controller
>>> needs to be set up to handle SPI mode. Does it require a specific SDIO
>>> controller type, or can most SDIO controllers handle SPI? Does it
>>> require changes to the kernel SDIO stack to accommodate SPI? Basically,
>>> changes to the actual libertas driver aren't the only thing required
>>> here because I'm pretty sure we'd need changes to the host controller
>>> drivers and the stack too.
>> I have another board which has no SD host,but has a SPI bus.
>> AFAIK,Currently the G-SPI driver for Marvell 8686 is non-opensource,
>> I won't try it.Now there is a SPI simulated SD host driver in the kernel tree,see /drivers/mmc/host/mmc_spi.c
>> we've successfully tried it with a SD card,So I think SDIO SPI mode is a way to go,but I can't make it work.
>> that's why I ask this question.
> Single or dual-stage firmware? 

What does this mean?I just use the same firmwares for SDIO to try SDIO SPI mode 

>We can probably make SDIO SPI mode work
> if we try hard enough, but there are some quirks with it.
Maybe,I haven't heard anyone who have successfully made it work yet,actually seldom people have tried it:)

Do you have suggestions to improve the performance,My SDIO WIFI seems has a bad performance:(
maybe I should open another thread to discuss it,shouldn't I?

Best Regards


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