Marvell 88w8385 wlan adapter association problem, no AP details in scan

Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Thu Jun 21 03:21:53 EDT 2007

> driver from linux to pSOSystems. The original linux version
> host driver is getting all available Access Points details

Marvell did not publush any "Original Linux Version Host Driver", 
as GPL for inclusion into the Linux kernel, so we cannot help 
you there.

> with scan request and getting associated with AP also, but my
> modified ported driver is not getting any AP details when it
> sends the scan request.

Please find out what commands your driver sends to the firmware 
of the card and then contact a Marvell representative, asking 
them for help.

If you've got hold of a Marvell produced CF card driver with Host 
support, I guess that you have some contract with them or can 
access their extranet. When I tried to get access to their 
extranet, they referred me to a german distributor named Avnet 
Memec and, despite that the company I work for is a hardware 
manufacturer. I was even willing to deal with the devil and sign 
an NDA, but this representative was really opposing my idea of 
writing a GPL driver, not helpful in any way. He said that if I 
won't purchase 10000 pieces a year I'd never had any chance to 
get WLAN information or chip specs from Marvell.

And so I won't support things that Marvell holds proprietary. If 
you have questions to my driver, I'll be happy to help you --- 
once I fixed my own scan problem :-)

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