Update about libertas CompactFlash 8585 driver

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Wed Jun 20 04:23:26 EDT 2007

> > Associating
> > -----------
> > Sometimes, this command sequence is enought:
> >
> >     ifconfig eth1 up
> >     iwconfig eth1 essid key BLAHBLAH
> >     iwconfig eth1 key s:BLAH1
> >
> > But sometimes I have to do that to get a an association:
> >
> >     ifconfig eth1 up
> >     iwconfig eth1 essid key BLAHBLAH
> >     iwconfig eth1 key s:BLAH1
> >     iwconfig eth1 essid key BLAHBLAH
> >
> > This does not happen with the 8388 USB dongle, so I guess
> > there is an issue between firmware v5.0 vica v5.1.
> It would be useful to get a full debug of the driver with the
> following set for libertas_debug:
> The association code batches up WEXT calls and commits them to
> firmware after a timeout.  I'd like to see the traces to see
> exactly when the driver calls each of the hardware commands.

Those logs are too long for the mailing list, as told by IRC I've 
sent them to pastebin.ca. http://www.pastebin.ca/576578 is the 
successful association, http://www.pastebin.ca/576582 is the 
unsuccesful one.

I think we have an authenticate-reauthenticate problem. When I 
turn the laptop off and start it (which takes a while), then I'm 
always authenticated to the AP.

But when I do

    # pccardctl eject; sleep 0.5; rmmod libertas_cs libertas
    # pccardctl insert

Then I almost always can't associate. When I first remove, then
wait 30 Seconds (or de-authenciate the station manually from the 
APs configuration web site), then authentication at card 
insertion time works again.

Note that other cards don't have this bug.

I'll look if I find something "in the air", about different 
behavior of different cards.

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