Requests and questions on Libertas driver

Marcelo Tosatti marcelo at
Tue Jun 6 15:14:20 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

Got a few comments and requests to make, with reference to our work on
merging the Libertas driver to the mainline Linux kernel.

1) At the very moment we don't have a way to test the driver
on the OLPC boards due to lack of antenna (should be fixed soon), more
details available at

That said, I would like to ask about the availability of a person from
Marvell with the necessary environment to perform testing while we
progress on cleaning up the driver.

2) I will merge the changes from version 5.110.7 into our modified      
5.110.5 GIT SCM tree (will post a patch here soon for review, first).   

Can I request the Marvell developers to _not_ release any further
versions, or, if you do, make sure that you merge such changes first
into the GIT tree? Its clearly unproductive for us to keep track of your

3) Technical question: Is there any reason for implementing your own
ioctl configuration program (wlanconfig.c) instead of using iwpriv to
handle private ioctl's? Seems you went halfway into that direction, but 
for some reason implemented your own ioctl interface directly.

 * iwpriv settable callbacks

static const iw_handler wlan_private_handler[] = {
        NULL,                   /* SIOCIWFIRSTPRIV */

Just need to fill that table with the appropriate callbacks and should be 
all set to kill wlanconfig.c in favour of iwpriv.


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