progress on the wireless driver and working together

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Jun 1 07:43:36 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-31 at 17:49 -0700, Javier Cardona wrote:
> That said, it's my first experience with a project that leaves the proprietary
> world and into the open source.  We'll need to (re)define the release/check-in
> policy (who has commit rights?  release schedule?  devel/stable branches?) and
> to set up a public bug tracking system.  Any suggestions on this?

I've added Jeff Garzik to Cc, since he's also expressed an interest in
assisting with the task of getting the driver into a state where it can
be merged. Is there any chance of getting a USB device to him?

He also asked if we have actual specifications for it, or if we (the
non-Marvell folks) are only working from the existing driver source.

We should probably set up a mailing list for this kind of discussion
instead of just using private mail. I've set up a list at
libertas-dev at; if we're agreed on the need for that,
then I'll subscribe the recipients of this mail to the list.

With respect to your questions... everyone in the group has commit
rights to the tree in /home/git/libertas-2.6.git but as I said last
night, it's probably best of we don't _use_ them. Let's let Peter and/or
Marcelo act as 'gatekeeper', put changes into our own git trees and ask
them to pull those into the main tree.

The distributed development model with git may be different to what
you're familiar with -- it allows us to have multiple repositories, and
'pull' changes from one to another. I'm not going to expand upon that
very much -- I'm sure google will find far more coherent explanations
than I could offer if I tried. The pages linked from my page at are a good start.

I'm not entirely sure we need a bug tracking system just yet -- a
mailing list for discussion would be a good enough start. Release
schedules are less of an issue with open source software too -- it's out
there all the time, and people start using it as and when it becomes
good enough for _their_ purposes. Our main concern in that respect is
that we want it working properly, and ideally merged, in time for the
OLPC deadlines.


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