James Campbell jscampbell.05 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 13:50:12 PDT 2017

So I've just open sourced something I've been working on at my
company. This is an IOT Starter kit, a concept very popular in the web
and app development world.

The idea is for beginners like myself you have a repository you can
use as a template for your new IOT project. It serves as a living
documentation of common OpenWRT functionality, best practices and has
a lot of common customizations set up for you (such as changing the
default wireless config).

This template also has build scripts baked into it so you don't need
to worry about the commands to build your image. Pick it up as you go
along :)

By lowering this barrier it should make it easier for people to build
their own IOT projects. A common theme I saw during the OpenWRT summit
was companies rolling out their own build system to customize their

Things I am working on adding:

- Examples on how to sign packages
- Locking down the SSH
- Making it easier to add new platforms and generate a new config file
- Add a suite of tests for testing your image
- Basic OTA

Any and all feedback welcome :)

Read it here:

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