[LEDE-DEV] kernel 4.9 migration for next release

Ted Hess thess at kitschensync.net
Mon Oct 2 12:57:48 PDT 2017

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> From: Hauke Mehrtens 
> Sent: Monday, October 02, 2017 3:18 PM 
> To: lede-dev at lists.infradead.org 
> Subject: [LEDE-DEV] kernel 4.9 migration for next release 
> For the next major LEDE release after 17.01 all targets should be on
> kernel 4.9, otherwise they will most likely not be included in the release.
> The following targets are on kernel 4.4 and need a upgrade to kernel 4.9
> to be included:
> * ixp4xx

I did do a set of patches to 4.9 for the ixp4xx platform back in March.
However, I could not get the SPI-GPIO interface to the Micrel KS8995 switch
on my MI424WR router operational at all. The SPI device never showed up.
The device worked with the spi-gpio-old driver which has been removed. I
tried setting up the 4.9 kernel support for spi over gpio but nothing I tried
worked out - I could use some help with this. Everything else was working
OK on 4.9


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