[LEDE-DEV] the ipv6 issues and the notions of timer

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Wed Jan 25 02:17:32 PST 2017

Bastian Bittorf <bb at npl.de> wrote:
> * Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> [24.01.2017 08:52]:
> > I'd love a "simple ubus listen daemon example - one that listens
> > merely for events on a set of interfaces. or routes or on a proto".
> root at box:~ ubus listen
> { "network.interface": {"action":"ifdown","interface":"lan"} }                                  
> { "network.interface": {"action":"ifup","interface":"lan"} }

You know ubus listen only shows you the public sends right? You
don't get to see _any_ of the stuff sent via ubus as RPC.

Karl P
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