[LEDE-DEV] forum limitations

David Lang david at lang.hm
Tue Jan 17 09:32:01 PST 2017

currently new users (for some definition of 'new', I have 63 posts starting 
within a day or two of when the forum was created) are limited to 3 replies in a 

This limit is really easy to hit in a technical discussion and is going to drive 
people to create extra topics to work around the limitation.

example error message via e-mail:

We're sorry, but your email message to 
["forum+reply-83162f79a9a8b8efaf1a2e8dae5337de at lede-project.org"] (titled Re: 
[LEDE Project
Forum] [Installing and Using LEDE] Wlan 2.4/5Ghz to slow fpr 1080p/60fps?) 
didn't work.


We're sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same 

If you can correct the problem, please try again.

David Lang

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