[LEDE-DEV] upstreaming (most) rt2x00 patches

Daniel Golle daniel at makrotopia.org
Thu Jan 12 06:54:29 PST 2017

[I had a typo in the lede-dev address in my first attempt to post this]


The amount of patches on top of rt2x00 has grown into a huge pile
during the past couple of years. To get things into a shape that allow
discussing and merging them upstream, I created a tree on github based
on wireless-drivers-next.git:


I had to fix up some of Gabor's patches to still apply on the updated
code base, but apart from those small fixes, things still apply cleanly
on that tree.
Imho the patch adding support for MT7620 still needs some more cleaning
(I fixed some white-space and indention issues already), and both
MT7620 and RT5350 still use mdelay and udelay which should be replaced
in the same way done for other codepaths upstream. It'd also be great
not to mess up RFxxxx and RTxxxx, ie. correctly set the RFxxxx value
for RT5350 and MT7620 according to the actual RF IP used on those
chips. Just for clarification, RT6352 was later renamed to MT7620

I for now didn't add any of the EEPROM-related patches, I a suppose
that only read_eeprom_from_mtd() should go upstream and all file and
firmware-loading mechanics can be considered legacy.
I also didn't add any of the device-tree specific stuff, as that will
need to be documented (Documentation/devicetree/ofbindings/).

However, all the rest should be fine. Maybe the commit messages could
be nicer...

The goal is to have a nice and clean tree which we can asked to be
merged into wireless-drivers-next.git instead of submitting the patches
one-by-one via the mailing list.

Thus I'm asking for your help: Please review the patches, and also
let me know if you had any plans for upstreaming them yourself.



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