[LEDE-DEV] Support for tplink 710 v2.1

Ufo ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Wed Jan 11 08:14:46 PST 2017

when using tplink 710v2.1 there is some strange behaviuor with filenames 
and system-infos:
That dot "." is evil, better use "-".

The hardware is same as 710v1 (8MB flash) but when flashing v2.1 
Firmware the system think its v2 (the dot and 1 might be ignored by 
/tmp/sysinfo/*) which only has 4MB flash.

my workaround for that problem since 8 months is to flash 710v1 (8mb 
flash) firmware right after the initial v.2.1 "factory" flash, with -F 
option :-/
Also the Meshkit (webfrontend for imagebuilder) shows wrong 
hardware-name for 2.1 Router.

i think, best solution would be to rename the model (modify the . into - 
) to 710 v2-1. i cant see such versionnumbering on other devices from 
tplink. :-/

cheers ufo

problem is also mentioned here, with screenshot: 
i was mentioning it at gluon firmware ticketsystem already, but 
neoraider were not able to help me, because gluon isnt using normal 
openwrt/lede stuff like /tmp/sysinfo/*, but libplatforminfo & 
autoupdater are only gluon-specific things. 

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