[LEDE-DEV] externalizing package management?

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Wed Jan 11 02:00:04 PST 2017


> anyway, specifically regarding the existing imagebuilder, i'm not really
> satisfied. it's a big download which is specific to each target, and
> requires pretty much a complete build environment.

It does not require a complete build environment. All it actually needs
is a DTC compiler and the ./staging_dir/host/bin executables.

> of course, it's the
> obvious choice to minimize development effort, but as a user i'd expect
> something ... nicer.
> in my understanding, sysupgrade images (and uimages) are a pretty
> uniform archive format,

Actually they're not. There are factory and sysupgrade images which are
renamed tars, there are trx images, there are FIT images, proprietary
vendor formats, images containing images and whole lot of other types.

> a single generic tool should be able to work with all targets, over
> extended periods of time, and would need to support a rather limited
> number of features to accomplish the goal of building images from the
> "regular" image+package downloads that are already available.

The only real solution is something GNU make based in order to be able
to re-use the image format knowledge encoded in the per target
Makefiles. Anything else requires duplication of the image build logic
which can, and will, quickly diverge from whats in Master.

~ Jo

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