[LEDE-DEV] Branching LEDE 17.01

Daniel Golle daniel at makrotopia.org
Tue Jan 10 08:03:10 PST 2017


I'd really like to see a rather trivial issue addressed:
dnsmasq fails to get notifications on /tmp/resolv.conf.auto changes
when running inside ujail. This is because the bind mount obviously
won't survive this file being *replaced*, eg. if the DHCP client
supplies the DNS server to be used only after dnsmasq has already
been started.

The easiest solution would be to introduce a directory
/tmp/resolv.conf.d/, move all /tmp/resolv.conf* in there and bind mount
that into the jail instead. The current /tmp/resolv.conf.auto seems to
hardcoded in netifd and appears in dnsmasq's and mwan's default config.
Anywhere else? Given the overall code quality of dnsmasq, it would
really be nice to at least have it run in a jail by default for the
next release...

Mentioning the problem to John, he said that the current bind mounting
approach will be replaced by a future jailfs he is working on. However,
I'm afraid this won't be ready by Friday ;)

If there are no objections, I'll suggest a PR introducing
/tmp/resolv.conf.d/ and moving the location of /tmp/resolv.conf* into
that directory.



On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 04:19:05PM +0100, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'd like to branch off lede-17.01 on Friday, the 13th and would
> appreciate if you could merge your outstanding, release critical work
> until then.
> If you think we should delay branching, then raise your objections now.
> If no objections are brought up within the next 24 hours, I'll go
> forward asking the feed maintainers to create "lede-17.01" branches.
> Regards,
> Jo
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