[LEDE-DEV] Maybe inconsistency on ramips/rt5350.dtsi intc resets

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca luizluca at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 23:05:46 PST 2017


I was comparing some DTS files and their respective datasheet trying
to understand what goes where. I found this reset info on rt5350.dtsi


          intc: intc at 200 {
              compatible = "ralink,rt5350-intc", "ralink,rt2880-intc";
              reg = <0x200 0x100>;

              resets = <&rstctrl 19>;
              reset-names = "intc";

              #interrupt-cells = <1>;

              interrupt-parent = <&cpuintc>;
              interrupts = <2>;

While datasheet says:

https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wireless/WiFi/RT5350.pdf (page 26):

     9 RW INTC_RST 0: De-assert reset. 1: Reset the Interrupt
Controller block. 0x0

Should that "19" be "9"? I noticed that because that part is missing
on its cousin SoC rt3352.dtsi
Should it also be included in rt3352.dtsi (datasheet is equal about this)?


     Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca, Me.
            luizluca at gmail.com

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