[LEDE-DEV] Fading out PolarSSL

Steven Barth steven at midlink.org
Tue Jan 3 08:32:51 PST 2017

Hey everyone,

> Currently known remaining users of polarssl are:
>  * bmx7
>  * pianod
>  * shadowsocks-libev-polarssl
>  * shairport-sync-mini
>  * shairport-sync-polarssl
>  * transmission-cli-polarssl
>  * transmission-daemon-polarssl
>  * transmission-remote-polarssl
>  * umurmur-polarssl
> Please provide feedback on which approach you'd prefer and if you'd be
> affected by the PolarSSL deprecation or not.

I think for all but the first two from this list, there is a 
non-polarssl version already packaged.
Which would mainly leave bmx7 and pianod as main concerns. I think the 
former used to work with cyassl
at some point in time and the latter should work with gnutls. Both of 
which we have, so it might just
be a minor change to the packaging Makefiles.

So from my point of view dropping libpolarssl now (with a bit of upfront 
notice to the maintainers)
makes more sense than trying to drop a package later which is a bit of 
unexpected and am not sure if
it can be effectively announced in a service release and just delays the 



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