[LEDE-DEV] LXC cgroups / Was: Re: Working with network namespaces?

yanosz lede at yanosz.net
Sun Feb 19 08:47:38 PST 2017


Am 02/13/2017 um 04:38 PM schrieb Jeff Ahrenholz:
> yanosz,
>> Getting back to this:
>> IMHO I'd be cool, to set option namespace 'ns4711' for interfaces and
>> routes in /etc/config/network.
>> Is there anything happening related to network namespaces in lede?
> Not sure what else is happening with netns, but I use the following to turn on namespace support:
>     bool "Enable kernel support for containers"
>     default y
>     select PACKAGE_lxc
>     select PACKAGE_veth
>     select PACKAGE_kmod-veth
>     help
>       Select the LXC_KERNEL_OPTIONS config to enable namespaces support in
>       the Linux kernel.
> This goes into a custom feed config, turns on LXC options including network namespaces. 
> I’m using this in conjunction with CORE [1] utilities.

Thanks for your response .. however, I', still puzzling with lxc.
- In stock 17.01 (rc2) there are packages lxc-cgroup, lxc-execute.
- But from my understanding linux cgroup may be missing, causing
lxc-execute to fail:

root at Node-2:/rom# lxc-execute -n test /bin/sh
lxc-execute: start.c: must_drop_cap_sys_boot: 583 failed to clone
(0x20000012): Invalid argument
lxc-execute: cgfs.c: cgfs_init: 2246 cgroupfs failed to detect cgroup
lxc-execute: start.c: lxc_spawn: 948 failed initializing cgroup support
lxc-execute: start.c: __lxc_start: 1192 failed to spawn 'test'

Intuitively, I expected lxc-cgroup to depend on sth. like kmod-cgroup,
but there's no such thing.

Did you recompile lede? I need to do this with lede (stock).

Greetz, yanosz

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