[LEDE-DEV] Help wanted with testing opkg improvements

Alberto Bursi alberto.bursi at outlook.it
Sat Feb 18 00:25:43 PST 2017

On 02/17/2017 08:14 PM, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi again,
> my previous change was incomplete, please use the following two changes
> for testing:
> https://git.lede-project.org/71ab6d6.patch
> https://git.lede-project.org/e9bd98e.patch
> Bye,
> Jo

I can't seem to apply the second patch on a clean git clone of the LEDE 
sources, this is the error

 > git apply e9bd98e.patch
error: patch failed: package/system/opkg/patches/001-ship-pkg-m4.patch:1
error: package/system/opkg/patches/001-ship-pkg-m4.patch: patch does not 

I'm git cloning your staging tree where these commits are already in, at 
so I can try this out on my TL-WR1043NDv1 (ar71xx) device that has 32MiB 
of RAM.


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